PTPI  was established in 2013 to provides a broad portfolio of information technology solutions and business process to its clients in South Africa and the rest of Africa. Our core portfolio comprises IT Portfolio Analysis, Enterprise Architecture services, business process consulting services as well as professional staffing services in information-technology.

We are experienced in providing high quality solutions to clients in diverse business areas. PTPI has a team of dedicated professionals who share company core values with high commitment to develop the best state of the art most satisfactory customers driven business solutions to effectively improve our business and have better impact on society.

Our Vision

To create value and customer satisfaction simplified state of the art information technology products and Services.

Our Mission Statement

Provide premier easy-to-use services, customized business solutions and state of the art integrated software products that build better society with outstanding customer satisfaction

Our Customers

We are passionate about facilitating, through our product and service offerings, an optimal way for our customers to effectively manage their IT environments. We are committed to working with our customers to help them solve any problems they encounter with practical and flexible solutions.


We leverage new technologies using proven and cost effective method for each client. Working with customers to achieve their business objectives is our highest priority.

Striving for Excellence

At PTPI  we continuously

Improve our processes

Improve skill sets of our workforce

Increase our capabilities

Technology Adaptability

We adapt quickly to the changing environment and see every change and challenge as an opportunity to set us apart and distinguish ourselves. We are quick to adapt technology changes to manage a difficult environment, meeting different needs of customers, taking on wider job scopes, and rise to the occasion

Customer Focus

We are gaining essential competitive advantage through our customer-focus processes. Our processes are systematically aligned with Customer Expectations and company wide business goals.