Over the next decade, the energy sector will be making fast moves from fossil to new. This is a fundamental paradigm shift, a tough task for any utility when it comes to digital transformation and the reshaping of its current business models. With this will come new regulation, smarter administration and the utilisation of fast-evolving technologies. It is time for bold exploration.

How weapproach it.

We are here to help you integrate the new with the current, from the assimilation of advanced technologies to business intelligence and energy innovation. Our purpose? To guide you to stabile profitability during an unpredictable time. We do that by taking the time to find out where you’re at and what steps need to be taken to correct course and future proof.

We believe in you committing to your future. But that means means adopting a new way of thinking and taking on new digital activities. By committing to machine learning, big data and an expanding array of digital products, you will push beyond today’s trends and invest in tomorrow that benefits the continent and the world.

PTPIntegrated along with partners across the world and collaborate to build and operate local solutions that increase efficiencies, reduce cost and grow market share across the value chain.

Since 2013 we’ve worked to deliver value at the core of our clients’ solutions, bringing together people and technology to solve some of today’s most pressing challenges.

" Man has gone out to explore other worlds and other civilizations without having explored his own labyrinth of dark passages and secret chambers, and without finding what lies behind doorways that he himself has sealed. "

— Carlton Sparks, Executive Officer

The annual Uncode publication showcases 100 of the most innovative solutions from every corner of the globe that are working to create a cleaner, greener future and deliver on the Sustainable Development Goals.

Intelligent Energy Management
Green Bonds for Low-Impact Building
Incentivizing Green Commutes for Employees


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