Skills Development

Cutting edge skills development practices with accountability, transparency, and credibility.

We help you plan skills development and meet stakeholder needs while ensuring equitable opportunities.



Skills Development







Our unique and proprietary (GFEM)
Governance Framework Engagement Methodology

Being a Proudly South African solution, BONO eSmart enjoys direct support from the coders at PTP integrated.

Local government and small-medium enterprises get the highest levels of customization and software engineering available, ensuring totally tailored solutions to meet their exact requirements.

GFEM provides a structure for monitoring and maintaining quality and standards of service delivery.

Rapid and cost-effective engagements deliver the ultimate flexibility and agility for unparalleled competitive advantage.

Skill Development
Key features and functionalities

We Partner with Worldwide Technology Leaders

Collaboration and sustainable partnerships future-proof customer-centric value that puts people first.

Pivot. Transform. Thrive.

Through a culture of continuous innovation and commitment, we partner to bring about change that suits your every need. At the core of building sustainable solutions is the empowerment of you, the client, teams and individuals to ensure success.

Our solutions help enterprises move away from manual processes and legacy infrastructure, enabling them to compete with global entities that have embraced cloud-based, AI, IoT and other digital transformation technologies. These interventions help to fuel efficiency, growth, and long-term sustainability


We have a reputation of being a reliable software development provider, which is supported by our clients.

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through change.

We’re committed to helping clients through constant change, brought on by evolving and emerging technologies. We stand out because we bring the thinking needed to digitally transform with ease.

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