BONO eSmart Platform

Digital Experience Platform for a clear advantage.

BONO eSmart is a cost-effective, purpose built Digital Experience Platform for local government and small-to-medium enterprise, deployed in modules or as an end-to-end suite.




BONO eSmart is future-ready with its scalable, high-performance search, flexible security model, and support for existing authentication databases.


BONO eSmart is fully digital with document registration, storage, retrieval, and disposal capabilities, including physical document management features.


BONO eSmart is cloud-ready with scalable search, security features, and integration with existing authentication databases, making remote access easy.


BONO eSmart  is highly configurable and enabled with secure and open API, allowing integration with third-party applications for enhanced functionality and flexibility.

Welcome to BONO eSmart

BONO eSmart is a cost-effective, purpose-built digital experience platform for small and medium-sized enterprises operating in the public and private sectors, and local government entities.

BONO eSmart facilitates a complete digital customer journey. BONO eSmart is capable of registering users, creating requests for proposals, quotes or bids, submitting responses, managing committees and meetings, sharing and collaborating on documents, and storing documents and records in a secure environment.

The BONO eSmart platform is entirely paperless, fully cloud ready and compliant, and features a simple, easy-to-use interface.

BONO eSmart is also highly configurable and enabled with secure APIs, which means it can be integrated quickly and seamlessly into your existing processes.

A bespoke platform BONO eSmart is a product of PTP Integrated

Modules available in BONO eSmart

BONO eSmart comprises three modules, which can either be deployed individually or as an end-to-end suite.

Our Enterprise Document and Records Management System (EDRMS) simplifies the storage, management, retention and disposal of documents, records and general content, including emails and scans. All of this is undertaken according to your specific records management policies and in compliance with the National Archives Act.

EDRMS, in other words, offers a holistic document lifecycle management solution. It also provides advanced content search and retrieval capabilities and integrates quickly and easily with your existing operational systems.

Also known as Enterprise Content Management, EDRMS helps organisations to improve service delivery and public accountability.
BONO eSmart’s Committee Management solution helps organisations to manage committees and conduct meetings in secure online platforms, such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams and Google Meet.

It automatically connects participants and provides access to all relevant information, including schedules, agendas, minutes, notes, and attendee details. Attendance registers can be auto generated using a preloaded template, and notes can be summarised and captured into minutes and action items with ease. Votes and resolutions can be facilitated and recorded during meetings, too.

Perhaps most importantly, the Committee Management module enables all documents and content relevant to the meeting to be shared and collaborated on in a secure environment, and to be searched for and retrieved long after the meeting has come to an end.
Our Digital Tender Submission solution provides comprehensive tender submission and tracking services that are aligned with your supply management policies. It’s designed to reduce costs, streamline administration, cut turnaround times, empower visibility, and strengthen accountability.

Manually processing, securing and maintaining tenders, quotes and bids — including running a full trail on what has been accessed and shared — is cumbersome, complicated and time consuming. With BONO eSmart’s

Digital Tender Submission module, however, you can manage your tendering processes quickly, easily and securely. The solution allows suppliers to register through a secure login, manages closing dates and times, and oversees the submission and evaluation process in a way that is fully auditable. It also eliminates the need for extensive physical files, as well as the handling, storage and security that this involves.

The Digital Tender Submission solution streamlines the tendering processes, removing the burden on you so that you can focus on strategic outcomes and better service delivery.


Bono eSmart security model is extensive and flexible

1Permission Driven
Bono eSmart security model is very extensive and flexible.

It allows you to assign security to a document or file via groups, individuals, or views.

The model allows for privileges to be assigned based on a standard template such as full access, read only, normal access, view profile.

You can also choose custom access where you are able to define what privileges the use or group can have to the document or file.

The authentication mechanism used by DocuCentre is normally determined by existing corporate directory service and how users are authenticated.

The authentication service can support many different authentication databases, including:

- Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP)
- Microsoft Active Directory Services (ADS)
2Access Control
Bono eSmart uses Windows Authentication processes and security features.

The existing Windows and network accounts can be linked to Bono eSmart via the Windows domain or Active Directory.

Since the IT staff already knows these functions, the account management becomes very easy.

Users and groups can be imported from Active Directory, and it is also possible to synchronize Active Directory groups with Bono eSmart

A case study:

The Ehlanzeni District Municipality

During the height of Covid-19, the Ehlanzeni District Municipality in Mpumalanga, like many other entities, found that it wasn’t able to continue to use its traditional manual procurement and tendering processes. The concern was that the virus would be spread through multiple people touching the same documents.

BONO eSmart was brought on board to introduce its Digital Tender Submission solution. This ensured that the municipality could safely receive, evaluate and award contracts and tenders without the need to meet in person and share physical files. This intervention was critical in the municipality continuing to provide its essential services during the pandemic. 

Services & Support

Being a Proudly South African solution, BONO eSmart enjoys direct support from the coders at PTPi. Local government and small-medium enterprises get the highest levels of customisation and software engineering available, ensuring totally tailored solutions to meet their exact requirements.

Rapid and cost-effective engagements deliver the ultimate flexibility and agility for unparalleled competitive advantage.


We have a reputation of being a reliable software development provider, which is supported by our clients.

We will ensure your projects are effortless and successful.