Enabling CPG companies to sustainably and profitably grow in an uncertain world by accelerating digital transformation and meeting diverse consumer expectations.




Create Personalised Experiences with AI-Powered Analytics, Product Transparency and Sustainability Efforts and Seamless Omni-Channel Experiences for Customers









Key Processes for Manufacturing

Tools for human-centered, data-fueled CPG businesses and boosting growth in a new commerce era.

PTP Integrated's consulting services offer tools for CPG businesses to reimagine consumer offerings, embrace 360° value, become data-fueled and future-ready.

They also provide insights into how CPG leaders can operate as a digital business and grow digital commerce in a world where 92% of consumers use digital channels.


Customized Solutions for all your Needs

1ERP Solutions
Enterprise Resource Planning solutions to Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) companies to reengineer themselves and become future-ready, human-led, and data-fueled businesses.
2CRM Solutions
Customer Relationship Management solutions to identify new business growth opportunities and drive consumer goods innovation, technology transformation, and personalized customer experience.
3Cloud Migration Services
Cloud Migration Services to help CPGs unlock the full benefits of cloud technology, such as agile organizations boosted by robust data and analytics capabilities to anticipate and respond to consumers’ needs.
4Data Analytics
The consultancy provides Data Analytics services to CPG companies to generate granular insights into consumer behavior and preferences, thereby enabling them to offer customized consumer offerings.
5Digital Transformation
Supports of CPGs in their digital transformation journey by helping them become digital from the inside out and providing a consistent brand experience in every relevant channel.
6Human-Centered Design
Human-Centered Design solutions to CPGs to help them understand the new consumer needs by rethinking talent, processes, and technology, and create new opportunities in a dynamic market scenario.

10 CPG Solutions for an Omni-Channel Experiences


Growth Optimization

Capitalize on AI, IoT, and digital applications for growth.


Brand Activation

Create a unified, purpose-led brand experience using data-driven intelligence.


Supply Chain Agility

Reduce cost, improve speed, and boost market responsiveness.


Digital Commerce Optimization

Transform digital commerce with data-driven intelligence for optimized ROI.


Insights & Data Analytics

Unlock 5G-led growth potential through data and analytics.


Workforce Design

Anticipate new skills and drive workforce culture and learning.


Enterprise Transformation

Turn business functions into strategic growth enablers with real-time data analytics.


Intelligent Services

Replace GBS with scalable intelligent services for speed and agility.


Operating Model Design

Foster inclusive and diverse culture with intelligent operating models.


Sustainability & Improvement

Continuously improve environmental, social, and governance factors.

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Our solutions help enterprises move away from manual processes and legacy infrastructure, enabling them to compete with global entities that have embraced cloud-based, AI, IoT and other digital transformation technologies. These interventions help to fuel efficiency, growth, and long-term sustainability


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