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Key Processes for Public Sector Services

SAP Cloud Solutions for Government and Public Sector

PTP Integrated offers cloud solutions for government and public sector, including RISE with SAP for Public Sector, which provides comprehensive business transformation as a service, including intelligent ERP and solutions for enterprise planning, human capital management, spend management, treasury management, and real estate management. 

They also offer industry cloud solutions  and partners to address specific industry needs for the public sector, including cloud-based solutions, innovative technology, and easy integration with existing systems.

Customized Digital Solutions for Public Sector Transformation

1Automate Operations and Save Costs with PTP Integrated:
PTP Integrated can help you automate your operations and save costs by replacing pen-and-paper and legacy systems, freeing up valuable time and resources for your business.

The solution offers accurate project profitability and revenue tracking, contextual marketing, and best-in-class bid management to help drive non-linear growth.
2Unify and Secure Public Data with Advanced Analytics
PTP Integrated offers scalable advanced data protection and cyber-security solutions that allow you to store public data safely.

We’ll help you apply data analytics and machine learning to build robust government software solutions.
3Integrate Digital Solutions for Frictionless Agency Operations
Integrating PTP Integrated's digital solutions at the core of your government agency can help you view the bigger picture presented by data in real time.

This means you can realize your policy goals far faster.
4Defend Against Cybercrime with Advanced Security Tools
PTP Integrated employs advanced security tools and testing strategies to make sure your sensitive data is fully protected.

So you can focus your efforts on providing better public services with minimal threat of cyber-attacks and fraud.
5Enable Seamless Uptake of Services with Simple UI
PTP Integrated works with you to integrate government software solutions that make for seamless adoption - with maximum benefit to your users.

Simple UI will boost uptake, making your request processing capacity up to 50 times more efficient.
6Create Robust Back-end Systems for Scalable Services
Together, we’ll create a strong foundation for your services through infrastructure, application, and data architecture, and business logic requirements.

We’ll automate your processes, allowing you to grow your business services both in volume and geographical presence.

10 Solutions to Fast Track Public Sector Transformation


Digitalize Services

Use digital technology to improve public value and reduce costs.


Cloud Technologies

Utilize secure cloud technology to store and process public data.


Improve Data Management

Leverage real-time data to analyze situations and make informed decisions.


Employee Experience

Upgrade employee experience to attract and retain talent and close skill gaps.


Put Citizens First

Simplify processes and personalize services to enhance citizen experience.


Use SAP Analytics Cloud

Utilize SAP Analytics Cloud to gain real-time data insights.


Utilize SAP Ariba Buying

Use SAP Ariba Buying to provide equitable, efficient, and effective services.


Implement SAP S/4HANA

Implement SAP S/4HANA Cloud to deliver better public value at a lower cost.


Policy Decisions

Make evidence-based policy decisions using SAP solutions.


Manage Public Finances

Improve stewardship of public funds and develop citizen-centric policies.

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