Electronic Document and Record Management System

Our Electronic Document and Record Management System  guarantees organized, accessible, and safe document filing digitally.




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Electronic Document and Record Management System Key Elements and Features

BONO eSmart EDRMS Features Overview

We offer a system that helps capture, copy, store, distribute, share, and manage documents within an organization. This is accomplished by implementing a documented, auditable process for the collection, storage, and reporting of organisation data.


  • Version control of documents
  • Structuring and indexation
  • Search and retrieval
  • Integrations and workflow automation


The EDRMS will present the following basic features:

Search and Retrieval

  • Highly scalable, high-performance search. 
  • Highlighting content searched. 
  • Configurable category refinements utilizing content and metadata. 
  • Pre- and post-search security trimming. 
  • Relevance administration (by metadata, by content, by anything)

Record Management Capabilities

General Records Management functionality for both electronic and paper documents, including:
  • Document Registration and Classification
  • Storage Management & Disposal
  • Security Document to Record Transition
  • User Interface Terminology

Support Physical Document functionality specifically for managing paper documents, including:

  • Movement Tracking and Auditing


Bono eSmart security model is extensive and flexible

1Permission Driven
Bono eSmart security model is very extensive and flexible.

It allows you to assign security to a document or file via groups, individuals, or views.

The model allows for privileges to be assigned based on a standard template such as full access, read only, normal access, view profile.

You can also choose custom access where you are able to define what privileges the use or group can have to the document or file.

The authentication mechanism used by DocuCentre is normally determined by existing corporate directory service and how users are authenticated.

The authentication service can support many different authentication databases, including:

- Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP)
- Microsoft Active Directory Services (ADS)
2Access Control
Bono eSmart uses Windows Authentication processes and security features.

The existing Windows and network accounts can be linked to Bono eSmart via the Windows domain or Active Directory.

Since the IT staff already knows these functions, the account management becomes very easy.

Users and groups can be imported from Active Directory, and it is also possible to synchronize Active Directory groups with Bono eSmart

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