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Key Processes for Chemical Industry Operations

Tools for Chemicals Business Optimization

SAP offers a range of tools to help optimize chemicals business operations, including sustainability-related solutions for risk assessment, compliance management, and waste reduction, as well as asset operations tools for predictive maintenance and risk management.

Additionally, SAP provides customer experience tools to enhance loyalty and satisfaction, and resilient supply chain solutions for real-time data visibility and collaboration with trading partners.




Customized Solutions for all your Needs

1Cloud ERP Implementation and Customization
Our team of experts can help you implement and customize SAP's cloud ERP solution for your unique chemicals business needs, ensuring seamless integration with your existing systems and providing industry-specific best practices and extensibility.
2Health, Safety, and Employee Relations Management
Sodales for Enterprise Health, Safety, and Employee Relations provides a comprehensive, easy-to-use portal for managing all aspects of health, safety, and employee relations processes. You can manage occupational and non-occupational incidents, disability claims, grievance management, disciplines, seniority, job bidding, and more in a single place.
3Carbon Footprint Management
Get comprehensive and accurate carbon footprints and environmental assessments with SAP Product Footprint Management.

Our solution provides environmental impact data for more than 1,000 chemicals and plastics, and you can easily upload data from Microsoft Excel.
4Contract and Chargeback
Management With SAP Paybacks and Chargebacks by Vistex, you can efficiently administer, model, report, and analyze contracts and chargeback agreements.

Our solution prevents errors and unwanted profit leakage, ensuring that your business operations run smoothly.
5Supply Chain Optimization
create more agile operations and optimize innovation cycles with our smart, customer-centric supply chain solutions.

Our team of experts can help you establish automated and standardized planning processes, collaborate with trading partners across the network, and react faster to ever-changing downstream demand and supply disruptions to remain resilient.
6Customer Experience Enhancement
Our customer experience solutions help you drive growth through customer relevance by connecting industry expertise and precision with creativity.

We can help you collect customer feedback and insights, target R&D of innovative products, and manage product compliance to improve customer loyalty and satisfaction.

10 Solutions to Effectively Fast Aerospace and Defence Services


Innovative Development

Creative new product creation


2. Resilient Supply Chain

Strong and adaptable supply chain


Digital Transformation

Technology-driven business change


Sustainable Value Chain

Ethical and eco-friendly supply chain


Supply Chain Planning

Instant and dynamic supply chain planning


Customer Centric

Focus on customer needs and satisfaction


Environmental Impact

Tracking ecological impact and sustainability


Asset Optimization

Maximizing equipment efficiency and effectiveness


Compliance Management

Adherence to laws and regulations


IoT Asset Monitoring

Internet-connected asset tracking

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